Tradition in the harmony of simple things: our home

This story would not start without the crystal clear sea of ​​the coast. Here thanks to the respect of the traditions the water has remained uncontaminated, it preserves its transparencies and the intense blue color of the horizon. With us most of the beach, several kilometers long, is still preserved by the famous natural dunes today "Natural Park of the Coastal Dunes". This story would not make sense without the Avantario family that at the end of the sixties runs here the first pension of Torre Canne "La Primula" which in 1987 turned into a welcoming hotel. Today with us and with the great commitment of the historical collaborators, this story changes page without changing the plot. Our families took the reins of the hotel, gathered the thread of half a century of tradition to bring it a little further, without breaking anything, only to preserve and pass on with renewed vigor. Antonio and Gaetano.